Monday, 14 May 2018

Ryan's Autumn Poem


Orange, red and gold leaves falling gently onto the ground like a tissue
Wind howling, blowing down the crunchy leaves
Children’s footsteps pressed into the crunchy leaves
Children snuggling into their jackets

By Ryan


  1. Ryan your poem is phenomenal and amazing. I like how you describe Autumn so well!

  2. Great job Ryan!...I can see hat you have put a lot of effort into your poem.I like how you said wind howling, blowing down the crunchy leaves.well done!

  3. Good job Ryan! Even though you only have four sentences they were all nice and long! Keep it up!

  4. Your poem has all the things it needs like... adjectives, awesome sentences, an amazing picture and last of all presented beautifully.

  5. Good job Ryan. My favourite part was the line when you described the sound of children's footstep and the crunchy leaves.

  6. WOW!! Amazing work Ryan every word in this poem is beautiful!! Keep up the amazing work :)