Monday, 14 May 2018

Rebecca's Autumn Poem


Children jumping on Autumn leaves
Seeing bright, colourful leaves falling like feathers
Feeling all warm in my jacket
Looking at all the leaves hanging on for dear life
Seeing all the shapes and sizes of the leaves
Watching little birds sing happily

By Rebecca




  1. Wow! That Autumn poem was amazing...I like how each sentence was different from the one before, like you wrote "Seeing all the shapes and sizes of the leaves" and then you said "Watching little birds sing happily." How did you think of all those fantastic words? Good job!

  2. Spectacular poem Rebecca. I think that poem was so fantastic with all those amazing words!

  3. If it was summer right now i would totally mistake that you wrote this in autumn! I mean who wouldn't? I hope this autumn is the same as you described it!

  4. You used so much brilliant describing words about the leaves, also great simile you used in the best way you could in fact its my favourite sentence! (This is the sentence I liked) seeing bright colourful leaves falling like feathers. Great job Rebecca!

  5. A very descriptive poem Rebecca - well done!