Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Jessica's Autumn Poem


Flaky leaves beyond my view, orange ones, and yellow too

Deciduous trees shedding leaves all Autumn long

Children playing to a brightful bird chirping it’s song

Air with a touch of Winter breeze

Pine cone collectors stashing up

People stomping on crispy leaves, sounding like crackling fireworks shooting up from the ground

Wispy wind travels past my ear

Coats done up, gloves pulled on, closed in shoes and crackling velcro

By Jessica



  1. Wow amazing poem Jessica...I like all the describing words!

  2. WOW! What a amazing poem. My favourite phrase is "Air with a touch of winter breeze"

  3. How do you all do this!? I feel like can’t do that for... ummm.... toffe!

  4. Wow Jessica!Great poem... I really like the way each sentence is very detailed. You also used some really good words like...flaky,crispy and crackling.Well done!