Monday, 14 May 2018

Poppy's Autumn Poem

Green and orange leaves falling off the trees                                                                                           
As they get old they break like dust
Big petals, small petals gliding off a bush,
One by one, two by two each fall off a tree
Birds jumping in a pit of leaves
Kids with layers of coats on

By Poppy


  1. Wow poppy your poem is amazing and I like how the colours you choose for your writing is so bright and it also stands out!

  2. You taught me a fact in a poem Poppy! I didn't know that leaves break into dust when they are old! Thanks for my Fact of the Day Poppy!

  3. Great poem Poppy, reminds me of the park near home where we walk Lola... well done x (Mummy)

  4. A very descriptive poem Poppy - well done!