Friday, 15 June 2018

Showtime in Room 18

Thank you to the girls in Room 18 who performed for us this week.
Jessica and Erin, we enjoyed your entertaining Harry Potter Puppet Show.

Pop-star Ruby, we think you are an amazing dancer.

Carolyn, Brodie and Sonia, you were spectacular when you performed The Duck Song.

Harry Potter Ninety Nine Seconds performed by Erin, Jessica and Danya...phenomenal!


  1. Well done Jessica and Erin for presenting your puppet show. It was spectacular! :D

  2. Well done Ruby. You are a excellent dancer I really enjoyed watching you dance.

  3. Great job Sonia, Carolyn and Brodie. I really enjoyed watching you perform the duck song. each of you played your character
    really well.

  4. Wow! I loved all the performances they were so entertaining. Was it nerve racking when you guys were performing?

  5. Well done Room 18 learners sharing your performance talents! It's important to express ourselves through a variety of ARTS mediums and dramatisation is no easy skill to master! Ka pai on expressing yourself and working as a team member to make sense through movement.