Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Autumn Tree Art

We observed and sketched Autumn trees before making our bigger versions. On a large piece of paper we drew our trees and leaves with chalk. Next we  coloured our trees with crayon.

For the background, we used a variety of materials for effect. Some of us used the classroom carpet, some used the deck and some used fabrics for texture. Aren't they amazing?


  1. Wow! Those tree's look amazing I really like how you added lots of detail and made them pop out. Well done!

  2. Everyone's art is gorgeous especially Sonia's, on her one the trunk is blended beautifully the leaves look like detailed masterpieces with creases and veins on all of yours. EXTRAORDINARY!

  3. I was so happy when I finally got this finished! They are all... phenomenal! I liked how everybody had different diversity of leave designs. Keep it up!

    1. The tree reminds me of the one in our garden right outside of your window!Great work!

  4. Everyone's art work looks amazing. I like all the leaves with the veins on them and i also like the ones with the leaves falling down.

  5. I think you guys should be proud of what you did because thous trees look spectacular! From Danielle

  6. The crayon, chalk and dye technique makes the trees pop! Well done Room 18 on producing these stunning autumn trees.