Friday, 2 March 2018

Did You Ever Poems

Did you  ever
Go on the water slides
At hamner springs?
Heart pumping
Water running
Arrows glowing
Go there !
by Brodie

Did you ever
Go sliding
At Wet n’ Wild?
Heart thumping
Sliders Sliding
People Splashing
Too much fun!
by Danya

Did you ever
Go skiing
At snow planet?
Stomachs fluttering
Snow slushing
People jumping
It’s exciting!
by Eric

Did you ever go
Riding down the luge
At Rotorua?
Butterflies in my stomach
Legs tingling
Luges sliding
You will love it!  
by Erin

Did you ever
Go riding on the fearfall
At Rainbows End?
Stomachs churning
People screaming
Wind blowing
You Should try it!
by Jessica A

Did you ever
GO sightseeing
At the Eiffel Tower
Cameras clicking
Tourists travelling
Souvenirs selling
Give it a go !

Did you ever
Go to Snow Planet
On Auckland’s North Shore?
Heart beating
People skating
Snow shining
Try it!
by Poppy

Did you ever
Go sliding
At Wet n’ Wild
Hearts pumping
Water splashing
People screaming
I love it!
by Ruby

Did you ever
Go snorkelling
At the beach?
Heart pumping
Seaweed swaying
Diver breathing
I love it!
by Ryan

Did you ever
Go watching 4D movies
At the Adventure Park?
Stomachs churning
Dinosaurs roaring
Booms exploding
Give it a go!
by Zoey


  1. It was so interesting writing those poems! My Mum liked them a lot.

    1. Yes, Danya, I really liked the rhyming words you used!

  2. It was so interesting writing those poems! My Mum liked them a lot.

  3. What a talented bunch you are room 18 :) (Poppy's mum)

  4. the poems were great! well done room 18 !!!!

  5. Tavish and Krish5 March 2018 at 09:43

    Nice poems room 18!

  6. These "poems" are FANTASTIC room 18! I remember when I was in rm 18, I wrote poems like that as well!

  7. Everyone's poems are superb! I like how all of Room 18 made their poems unique.

  8. Hi Mrs Morris and lovely room 18!

    I was in Mrs Morris's class last year she was amazing.
    I remember doing those poems too.
    Is Mrs Morris being good?

    1. Yes Stella. Mrs Morris is being the best teacher in the year 4s! Don't tell Mr Tucker or Mrs Malone though.:)

  9. Yes, I have been to Rainbows End (but not on the Fear fall - I love the log flume), skiing down a mountain (Mt Ruapehu), I have visited Snow Planet though. I've also been up the Eiffel Tower and clicked lots of photos. I have snorkled in the ocean and been on a water slide - but not for a very long time!

  10. I think we have some future poets in room 18 what do you think?

  11. Wow there are so many amazing poems!